Forex News Letter: Will Unemployment Claims be the Game-Changer Today?

It’s Thursday and with unemployment claims closing in on the market, the forex news is spread over a lot of commodities and currency pairs.

So without further aideu, let’s begin!!

Dollar index

       Dollar index is trading around 103.85.

   Above 103.95… Buy it.

    Upside Targets Looks 104.14 — 104.25

 Stop loss below 103.65.


  ( Yesterday We Recommended to Buy!! Above $2039) 

       ( 1st Target Hit $2042)   

       Sell below   $2022  

  Downside Targets Looks  $2014–$2008.
      Stop-loss $2033.


                    Sell Below   $22.23…
                            Downside Targets Looks  $22.17 – $22.

       Stop Loss $22.40.


 ( Yesterday We Recommended to Sell !! Below $3.7545) 

       ( 1st Target Hit $3.7445)   

  Sell Below $3.73

  Downside  Targets Look $3.71– $3.70.

  Stop Loss $3.75.


Crude Oil is Trading Around $74.43.

        Above  $74.50… Buy it!!

       Upside Target $75.25–$75.50. 

              Stop Loss $73.60.  


            Buy Above  17880  Levels Only…!!
              Upside Target Looks 17930-17970.

      Stop-loss 17820.

  S&P 500 E-Mini 

              S&P 500 Resistance 5020.
              Sell Below 5000!!

                   Downside Target Looks 4970-4950.


( Yesterday We Recommended to Sell AUDCAD !! Below 0.87863) 

       ( Target Hit 0.87659)   

Buy Above 149.33  Stop-loss 149.82  Target  149.60.

Forex News – Silver, Gold and USD/JPY on the radar!!

XAG/USD has rebounded from over a 2-week low as it builds on its steady ascent through the first half of the European session.

Gold is still looking out for that spark that will get it movies. Gold prices are trading sideways as no FED policymakers are providing significant timelines for rate cuts. As per Fed’s Collins, rate cuts might be seen later this year only if price pressures remain consistent with the forecast.

The US dollar has been trading in a tight range ahead of weekly initial jobless claims.

USD/JPY is advancing today. As per the latest analysis, the currency pair has evolved within a brief pause since last month. Once the pair breaks out from the recent consolidation zone, the phase of rebound could extend.

That’s all for today folks!!

Until next time, Happy Trading!!

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