Virtual G20 Summit 2023: Guests, Themes, and the Unspoken Agendas!

With the G20 Summit in September being a big success and ensuing the signing of the G20 New Delhi Leader’s Declaration, the dynamic of the world has changed at a drastic pace.¬†Following this, a Virtual G20 Summit 2023 was planned to be taken place Wednesday, 22nd November, 2023 and the main purpose behind this was to propel the key outcomes and action points that have been affirmed at the meet.¬†

Of this one of the main points to be discussed under India’s presidency would be the implications and resolutions relating to the Russia – Ukraine War and the Israel-Hamas conflict. 

A communication by the Ministry of External Affairs  (MEA) on Saturday, 18th November, 2023 said that the upcoming summit is also expected to push for the effective implementation of various decisions that have been taken at the annual summit of the bloc in New Delhi 2 months back. 

The Virtual G20 Summit 2023 – Who’s invited?

The India G20 presidency was one of the most significant and powerful gatherings that the world has seen in recent times and they managed to create a significant movement moving forward in various areas which include digital public infrastructure, climate finance, clean energy and sustainable development. 

Moving to the conclusion of the G20 Summit in New Delhi in September, PM Narendra Modi announced that India will be hosting a virtual Leader’s Summit or now more commonly known as the Virtual G20 Summit 2023 for the group before ending the legendary Presidency. 

So the question is who’s attending? 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said 

” The leaders of the G20 countries, including the president of the African Union, as well as the leaders of 9 foreign countries and  11 international organizations were invited “

In other news, Russian President Vladimir Putin is also expected to take part in the India-led virtual G20 summit 2023 according to sources from Russian State TV. 

The TV presenter Pavel Zarubin had said that this would be the “First event in a long time”  where both Putin and Western leaders will be in attendance. 

Meanwhile, news coming in from the US has left a big gap in the whole event. With Thanksgiving around the corner coming up on Thursday, it’s unclear where US President Joe Biden will be able to attend the Virtual G20 Summit 2023, said US Ambassador Eric Garcetti. 

In response to a query to The New Indian Express, the Ambassador said  “President Biden was present at the G20 Summit in September and as a matter of fact the India- US ties are stronger than before. With Thanksgiving gracing its presence  on all US homes, we are not sure whether he would be able to take part in the virtual summit on November 22”

Virtual G20 Summit 2023- What’s the agenda? 

Coming to the agenda of the event, many people familiar with the arrangement of the virtual summit had said that the Russia-Ukraine War and the Israel-Hamas conflict are set to figure at the deliberations. 

With India’s strategic positions as a leading voice, flagging concerns, and challenges and spreading the aspiration of the Global South, especially the African continent, India has risen to great prominence in the global atmosphere. 

The G20 joint declaration that was unveiled on September 9th was seen as a significant diplomatic victory for India as it pulled off a breakthrough on the issues concerning the Ukraine conflict amidst the apprehensions that the summit may not be able to release the documents given sharp differences concerning the matter.s 

“The Virtual G20 Summit 2023 also aims to promote the effective implementation of various G20 decisions, including through relevant national and international forums. ” MEA said.

Final Note: 

The stakes are high for the global economy as the Virtual G20 Summit 2023 is set to end the G20 presidency. 

India holds the G20 presidency until November 30th and ensuing this Brazil will hold the next presidency of the grouping. 

As we enter the next year, the G20 troika during the Brazilian G20 presidency in 2024 will comprise India, Brazil and South Africa. 

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