G20 summit struggle to reach common ground over the Russia-Ukraine war. What’s the current consensus?

G20 summit struggle to reach common ground over the Russia-Ukraine war. What's the current consensus?

The G20 summit will be underway in a matter of days and all leaders from around the world are incoming. Leaders of the Group of 20 major economies began arriving in New Delhi on Friday for their annual gathering but tension has been in the air. 

negotiators have struggled to bridge differences over the war engulfing Ukraine at the moment, A common consensus for a successful summit in India is still being sought. 

Concerns around the G20 summit:

New Delhi, India’s capital has been closed for 2 days to ensure that the summit may run smoothly. Schools, offices, businesses and so much more have been closed however problems of slums and restraining animals around the vicinity have been an issue brewing to ‘rear its fangs’ out in a few days. 

But the gathering is one that is being derailed by deeper and more entrenched divisions over the war brewing between Russia and Ukraine. In addition to the rising issue, there is fear and doubt that the West and its allies may take dominance in proceedings. 

To make matters further complicated, Chinese President Xi Jinping is skipping the meeting and sending Premier Li Qiang in his stead. With criminal warrants himself, Russian President Vladimir Putin will also be absent. 

The G20 Nations take a strong stance: 

This summit will be one of the most high-powered gatherings ever hosted in India. Dignitaries such as US President Joe Biden, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, French President Emmanuel Macron, Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed Bin Salman and Japan’s Fumion Kishida are among those who have confirmed that they will grace the summit. 

The Financial Times went on to report that UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will urge PM Narendra Modi to “call out” Russia over its invasion of Ukraine and use it in an effort to help end the war. The war scenario that has led to such division in the world has hardened the stance on the war and has prevented agreement on even a single communique at the ministerial meetings that were held during the G20’s presidency so far this year. This has left leaders with the predicament of finding a way around this issue. 

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was positive about  her position to collaborate with India, and is helping in crafting a communique at the end of the summit. She explains that it might be a challenge to craft such a language but we stand ready certainly to work with India to try to craft a communique that successfully addresses this concern. She had a few things to convey from the US’s end in collaborating with India on crafting a successful communique. Read “US Treasury Secretary Yellen to Collaborate with India in Crafting G20 Summit’s Future Communique” to know more about these comments. 

The Stand Against War: 

The Russia vs. Ukraine war scenario has been brutal not just for the countries involved but also for the rest of the world.

The European Council President Charles Michel while talking with a report in New Delhi said”

The leaders will be able to reach a consensus on a declaration but the EU will support efforts made by India for the final communique.

He further went on to say that Moscow is violating the UN charter and must stop attacking Ukrainian cities. 

On the other hand, the G20 sherpas or the negotiators have made significant progress on most issues but the main point of concern is the language in the leaders ‘ declaration of war, as per sources quoted by Reuters. 

Furthermore, there is some disagreement as well on the climate change cooperation front. The group has been divided on commitment relating to fossil fuel use, increasing renewable energy targets and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Finally, coming back to India, PM Modi’s government is projecting India’s presidency of the group and the summit as a showcase for the country’s fast-growing economy and its rising position in the geo-political pecking order. 

As world-changing decisions will be taken tomorrow at the G20 summit, New Delhi will serve as the host for one of India’s biggest gatherings. 

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