TDK Corp Deal with India: A Turning Point in iPhone Battery Manufacturing?

TDK Corp Deal with India: A Turning Point in iPhone Battery Manufacturing?

The iPhone manufacturing sector in India is about to go through another revolution with the newest revelation by IT Minister Chandrashekhar. 

With the news coming in from Japanese tech giant, TDK Corp planning to make iPhone batteries in India, iPhone enthusiasts and employees are about to boom. 

TDK Corp Deal: A Turning Point for India’s Mobile Manufacturing Dreams ?

In a major boost for Make in India and for Apple’s plan to manufacture components of the iPhone locally in India, the Japanese electronic parts manufacturer TDK Corp will manufacture Lithium-ion battery cells for mobile phones in India as per the statement given by Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar. 

The development process is a part of Apple’s ongoing efforts to diversify its production base and shift some manufacturing operations away from China, with India emerging as a pivotal growth driver. 

TDK will be establishing a cutting-edge manufacturing facility in the northern state of Haryana, a move that’s expected to generate several thousand job opportunities in the region. 

When will it be up and running?

The Li-ion battery cells that have been produced by TDK will be supplied to Appel’s designated Li-ion battery assembler, Sunwoda Electronics, which is already in operation in India. 

This collaboration is set to streamline the supply chain for Apple’s iPhone product in India, thereby supporting the company’s vision of sustainable and localized manufacturing. 

Haryana is an ideal location as TDK, known for its acquisition of Hong Kong-based Li-ion battery and cell maker Ameperece Technology Ltd in 2005 had recently acquired land in Haryana for the establishment of a specific manufacturing unit. 

The Commercial production that will focus on supplying cells for Apple is slated to commence in the near future, thereby signaling a significant milestone in the collaboration between TDK and Apple in India’s manufacturing landscape. 

Will there be a drop in prices for iPhones due to this development? 

We’ll have to wait and see!!

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