Forex News Letter – Gold, Silver and the AUD/USD!!

It’s Tuesday and with a lot of news to catch up on, the forex news coming in has been creating waves in the market. 

From gold, silver, dollar index, the RBA’s decision and so much more, a plethora of things have to be discussed. Let’s begin!!

Dollar index

Dollar index is trading around 103.660.

(Yesterday we booked the profit 103.50—103.80)

Support at 103.520 and resistance is at 103.930

Buy around 103.530…!!

Upside targets looks 103.760—104.880

      Sell below 103.450 levels only

Below 103.450, downside target looks 103—102.470 again


Afternoon session we have given sell around $2030. 

Booked the profit around $2024.

Now XAUUSD trading around $2026

Don’t be hurry to buy …!!

Again Downside Targets Looks $2000—$1988

Sell below $2020…levels only

Will it cross $1980???


Also, we have given sell around 24.40. 

          XAGUSD is trading near $24.300!!

              Don’t jump for Buying…!! 

                          XAGUSD looks weak below $24.25 levels only

Downside Targets Looks 24—23.80



 Copper Is Trading Around $3.7930 

We May Expect Downside Targets 3.7680—3.7600


Major support $72.00…

Above 74.50… Buy it!!

Downside Targets Looks 73—72.60

 Will it cross $72???


Yesterday we have given sell around 15940. 

(Target Achieved)

Booked the profit around 15725.

NASDAQ is trading around 15792

Above 15820… Buy it!!

Upside Targets Looks 15870–15900

S&P 500

S&P 500 Looks Weak on Daily Chart 

Trading around 4562

Sell below only 4550

Downside targets looks 4500—4470.

Resistance and stop loss of 4610


Buy above 1.16959  Stop loss 1.6547  Target 1.1716

Forex Market News – What’s the Focus?

  • The gold market has attempted to cool off after a phenomenal day of trading witnessed yesterday. However the safe haven appeal still remains as Israel continued its aggression on Hamas targets after the ceasefire had come to an end.
  • With respect to the dollar, it is attempting to recover lost ground ahead of November NFP data on Friday. In addition the euro has also been facing heavy pressure as the economic outlook struggles to improve.
  • The pair AUDUSD fell at a sharp rate after the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) decided to keep interest rates at 4.35%. The rate of decline reached its lowest level since the past few weeks. 

That’s all for today folks!!

Until next time, Happy Trading!!

Commodity Samachar
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