Stock Market India | Consecutive days of volatility & sideways trends for Indian indices. What’s next?

Stock market India | Consecutive days of volatility and Sideways trends witnessed in the Indian Indices.

It’s Wednesday and Stock Market India has faced turbulence of high volatility once again!!

The high volatility has contributed to unpredictable moves in the Indian Indices and led to a lot of high volatility which has set it in a certain trajectory in Stock market India. 

So what’s the next trajectory that the Indian Indices will be taking? 

Let’s get started on the analysis!!

Nifty witnessed high volatility resulting in a sideways trend! Where’s it headed next?

Nifty Fut – Buy Above 19700 | Stop Loss – 19600 | Target – 19800 |

During the last session of the Stock market India, Nifty began with a flat opening thereby experiencing high volatility. This has continued for the 2nd day resulting in a sideways trend. 

Strong support from the 50-day moving average kept the price from falling too much. 

A doji candlestick pattern was created and a little trading range was present at day’s end as a result. 

Traders can expect sideways movement in the upcoming sessions. 

Bank Nifty witnessed battles between buyers and sellers this session. What’s next? 

Bank Nifty Fut – Buy Around – 44800 | Stop Loss – 44500 | Target – 45100 |

During the previous session, bank nifty had started with a gap down and the day was marked by high volatility. 

The price has shown strength on both sides, signaling a battle between buyers and sellers. 

This has led to the formation of a candlestick pattern resembling a hammer. 

Traders can expect sideways to upward moves in the upcoming sessions. 

Stock Market India | Trending Equity News:

The trending news that Stock market India has to offer.

It’s that time of the day when we discuss the companies that are making the most news this session. Let’s get started !!

Muthoot Finance Ltd: 

Muthoot Money Limited has completed the allotment of 2,64,655 equity shares to Muthoot Finance Limited. 

Cipla ltd: 

The pharmaceutical company has launched an innovative solution. It has launched drone-powered deliveries of critical medicines cardiac, respiratory and other essential chronic therapies to hospitals and pharmacies across Himachal Pradesh in partnership with Skype Air Mobility. 

Vaibhav Global Ltd: 

Vaibhav Global to acquire Mindful Souls BV, an e-commerce company dealing in subscription-based online sales of fashion jewellery, gemstones and lifestyle products for Euro 12 million. 

Infosys Ltd: 

Infosys will collaborate with Microsoft to jointly develop industry-leading solutions that leverage Infosys Topaz, Azure Open AI services and Azure Cognitive Services.

That’s all for today folks!!

We’ll be back with more Stock market Indian news soon. 

Until then, Happy Trading!!

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