Forex Newsletter – With Central Bank Policies in the Horizon, It’s Raining money in the market!!

Dollar index

Dollar index is trading around 102.161.

Below 102… Sell it

Downside Targets Looks 101.40 — 101.09.

Stop loss or Resistance 102.36 


            (Daily…!! We Told Buy Above $1983 )
              (OUR TARGET HIT $2003 )

             Buy Above $2040…levels Only
               Upside  Targets Looks  $2050-$2070.
Support or Stop-loss $2023.


          Buy Above 24.20…levels Only
           Upside  Targets Looks  24.60-24.90.
Support & Stop Loss 23.80

Copper continues to fall in price on expectations of lower demand in China  - Letizo

      Small Stoploss  Hit     


 Copper is Trading Near 3.770…!!
  Below 3.8650…Sell it

    Downside Targets Looks 3.8450—3.8320


   Above 3.8990…Buy it 


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          (Yesterday We Told Sell!!! Below 68.60 )
            (OUR TARGET HIT  69.10 )

Crude Oil is Trading Around 70.77

 Above 71.50 Buy it…!!

  Upside Targets Looks 72.20–73.40

       Support 70.40


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         (Daily…!! We Told Buy Above 16620 )
           (OUR TARGET HIT 16750 )

       Buy Above 16890 Levels Only…!!

Upside Target Looks 17100-17200.

Support or Stop-loss 16680.

        S&P 500

  (Yesterday  We Told Buy!!! Above 4686)
          (OUR TARGET HIT 4700)

          S&P 500 Support 4733
          Buy Above 4795…!!
    Target Looks 4840-4870…!



Buy Above 1.160  Stop-loss 1.157  Target  1.1635

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