Forex News Letter – The FOMC Meeting Frenzy Begins!!

Forex News Letter - The FOMC Meeting Frenzy Begins!!

As The World Awaits the Upcoming Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) Meeting Scheduled On 14 December 2023 At 12.30 AM and ensuing this the FOMC Press Conference Scheduled at 01:00 AM, the Central Bank Is Widely Expected to Leave the Federal Funds Rate Unchanged.

So amid this, what’s the forex outlook currently?

Let’s dive in and find out!!

Dollar index

Dollar index is trading around 103.54.

Below 103.35… Sell it

Downside Targets Looks 103.25—103.

Stop loss or Resistance 103.60 


   Buy Above $1983…levels Only

        Upside  Targets Looks  $1993-$2000.

Support or Stop-loss $1973


XAGUSD Support 22.50 & Resistance 23.10 


Copper is Trading Near 3.770…!!

Below 3.760…Sell it

       Downside Targets Looks 3.7595—3.7535


(Yesterday We Told Sell!!! Below 71.30)

   (OUR TARGET HIT 69.30)

Crude Oil is Trading Around 68.59

 Above 68.60 Buy it…!!

       Upside Targets Looks 68.90-69.10


                  (Daily…!! We Told Buy Above 16500)

             (OUR TARGET HIT 16600)

                 Buy Above 16620 Levels Only…!!

                   Upside Target Looks 16670-16750.

       Support or Stop-loss 16500.

S&P 500

      (Yesterday  We Told Buy!!! Above 4686)

          (OUR TARGET HIT 4700)

        S&P 500 Support 4680

           Buy Above 4710…!!

     Targets Looks 4744-4770…!


Sell Around 1.2522  Stop-loss 1.2615  Target  1.2428

Commodity Samachar
Learn and Trae with Ease

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