World News| The Nuclear Trio: Russia, China, & US Under The Spotlight

World News| The Nuclear Trio: Russia, China, & US Under The Spotlight

With the Middle East war raging on and the Russia-Ukraine war not easing anytime soon, the World news depicts a dire situation. Adding to this, Shocking news in the form of the US, Russia and China, 3 world superpowers engaging in nuclear weapons testing is somewhat of a concern.

A CNN exclusive article mentioned that Russia, the United States and China have built new facilities and dug new tunnels at their nuclear test sites in recent years and several satellite images have been obtained by CNN exclusively.

While there are no announcements or evidence suggesting that Russia, the US or even China is preparing for an imminent nuclear test, the images provided by a prominent analyst in the military nonproliferation studies illustrate that recent expansion at 3 nuclear test sites compared with just a few years ago.

The locations have been identified as one operated by China in the far western region of Xinjiang, one by Rissa in the Arctic Ocean archipelago and another in the Nevada desert in the US.

However, there is a story behind this that needs to be analysed from different perspectives. Let’s get started on that.

World News | Nuclear Testing – The World at a Crossroads:

CNN has thoroughly gone into the ground zone and asked several experts to review images of the US, Russian and Chinese nuclear test sites taken from commercial planet satellites.

The experts intimated that there was unusually increased activity in all three sites, including “new tunnels under mountain, new roads and storage facilities, as well as increased vehicle traffic that coming in and out of the sites.”

As per the existing norms, nuclear tests are typically conducted underground to contain blasts and radioactivity that could be potentially carried by winds and endanger nearby populations. Mountains are very helpful because testers can dig horizontally there and not vertically to make room for the explosion to be contained.

Mr Jeffrey Lewis, professor at the James Martine Centre for Non-proliferation Studies at Middlebury Institute of International Studies had this to say.

New Construction at Russia’s Novaya Zemlya nuclear test site, June 22, 2023. images by Middlebury Institute of International Studies & planet Labs.

“The satellite images from the past 3-5 years have been showing new tunnels that have been created under a mountain, new roads and also storage facilities as well as the increased vehicle traffic coming in and out of the sites.”

New Construction at the administrative and support area, Lop Nor nuclear test site. Images by Middlebury institute of International studies at Monterey and Planet labs.

These images were further reviewed by Retired US Air Force Col, Cedreic Leighton, a former intelligence analyst who came to a similar conclusion just as Jeffrey.

“It’s evident that all nations have dedicated a significant amount of time, energy, and financial resources to updating their nuclear weapons stockpiles and organising the necessary drills and exercises for the test.” he stated.

Construction activity, Nevada National Security Site from 2023 to 2018. Images by Middlebury institute of International studies at Monterey and Planet labs.

The concern that is being created in the global infrastructure is not to be taken lightly. With war raging on around the world and the expansion of the modernized nuclear weapons testing infrastructure during mistrust between the US, Russia and China, could lead to armed conflict in the future even though it’s not imminent.

History of Nuclear Testing Amongst the Trinity:

The United States had conducted its last nuclear test in 1992. Operation Julin was a group of 7 nuclear tests that were conducted by the United States in 1991-1992. These tests were followed by the Operation Sculpin series and were the last before negotiation began for the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

The Soviet Union’s final nuclear test took place on 24 October 1990. Following this, the Soviet Union proposed a moratorium on nuclear testing that was agreed to by the United Kingdom and the United States.

China ended its nuclear testing streak and it reached full circle on July 29, 1996. After this China solemnly declared to start a moratorium on nuclear testing effective from 30 July, 1996.

What’s the status of the Nuclear Struggle?

The current scenario is pointing towards an impending scenario of conflict that may erupt not soon but surely somewhere down the line

Professor Jeffrey Lewis went on to say that his various comments had come after a prominent nuclear watchdog group, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

“Russia’s thinly veiled threat to use nuclear weapons reminds the world that escalation of the conflict, whether by accident, intention, or miscalculation, is a terrible risk,” the group stated. The possibility that conflict could get out of control remains to be a high concern”.

Reports say that in the previous month, the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres issued a fresh appeal for the key countries to ratify the international treaty banning experiments for both peaceful and military purposes.

Adding fuel to these conversations, Dmitry Medvedev, a supporter of Putin and the current deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, has vowed Moscow ” would have to use nuclear weapons

” if the Ukraine counteroffensive became successful. Even though Putin is the key decision maker concerning these things, the Russian Security Council’s chairman’s words spread discomfort throughout the globe.

Final Note:

The nuclear testing situation between the 3 nuclear powers causes concern but none of them has revealed about the situation in its entirety.

Each possesses their own set of reasons for resuming nuclear testing however, no one wants to reveal the plans further.

As we wait for news of these nuclear tests, what will be the fate of the world?

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