Stock Market India | Is an Upward Trajectory Expected for Indian Indices as per weekly charts? 

Stock Market India | Is an Upward Trajectory Expected for Indian Indices as per weekly charts? 

It’s the end of another week and as we look further into the future for cues on the movements for stock market India, It is pertinent that we look back to see what has occurred in the previous week. 

As per the observations from our analysts, it seems like the Indian indices have portrayed bullish momentum throughout the week followed by high volatility. 

With such data flowing in, what should traders anticipate for the week ahead? 

Join us as we venture through last week’s market charts to understand the trajectory that’s going to be taken. So without further adieu, let’s begin!!

Nifty displayed high volatility and buying pressure. What’s next for the market? 

Buy Above – 19800 | Stop Loss – 19500 | Target 20100 | 

As per the analysis of last week’s chart, Nifty has opened with a gap down, displaying high volatility and notable buying pressure this week. 

Traders can anticipate upward moves in the next few sessions. 

It has formed a belt and hold candlestick pattern as well. 

Resistance has been placed at 20000 / 20300. Support has been placed at 19500/19300. 

Bank Nifty cruises through a narrow trade range. Is there hope for upward moves in stock market India? 

Buy Above – 44750 | Stop Loss – 43750 | Target – 45750 |

Bank Nifty has opened with a gap down and exhibited high volatility this week. The trading session was characterized by a very narrow range. 

Traders can anticipate upward movements incoming. 

It has formed a spinning bottom candlestick pattern. 

The resistance has been placed at 44600/45600. Support has been placed at 43800/43500.

Stock Market India | Stocks In Focus:

With the new week beginning, the opportunities for investments in stocks are just growing. So let’s dive into the stocks we’ve got to keep our focus on this week. 



Buy Around – 4730 | Stop Loss – 4500 | Target – 4960


Buy Around – 5280 | Stop Loss – 5000 | Target – 5560 |



Buy Above – 320 | Stop Loss – 290 | Target – 350 |


Buy Above – 2670 | Stop Loss – 2500 | Target – 2840 |

Consumer Durables:


Buy Around – 3000 | Stop Loss – 2800 | Target – 3200 | 


Buy Around – 795 | Stop Loss – 750 | Target – 840 | 

Stock Market India | Trending Equity News: 

It’s that time of the week when we get the latest news from all corners of the stock market India. So let’s begin!!

NBCC (India) Ltd.:

NBCC Indian bags an order for INR 80 crore from Vishakapatnam Port Authority for renovation/refurbishment of office buildings. 

Satin Creditcare Network ltd:

The working committee of the company has allotted 5,000 NCDs of a face value of INR 1 lakh each aggregating to INR 50 crore. 

Tata Motors Ltd:

Tata Motors Ltd has entered into a share purchase agreement with certain investors for the sale of a 9.9% stake in Tata Technology Limited, known as a subsidiary of the company for an aggregate consideration of INR 1,13.7 crore. 

That’s all for today folks. We’ll be back soon with more news. 

Until then, Happy Trading!!

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