Ready, Set, Go!! Are Indian Indices gearing up for an upward rally? 

It’s the final day of the week and as always the Indian indices haven’t let us down on the excitement. 

Similar to watching F1 cars race on the tracks, Indian Indices might just be gearing up for something special in the form of an upside rally today. 

Well, let’s get started on analyzing this!!

Nifty is poised for a significant upside rally!! Where’s it heading? 

Buy Around – 19750 | Stop Loss – 19650 | Target – 19850 | 

It’s been an exciting day for traders in the stock market and today isn’t any different. Nifty opened the flat and tested the 19550 level. It appears to be poised for a significant upside rally. 

The momentum is positive and it has formed a bullish belt-hold candlestick pattern. 

Traders can expect more upside moves incoming!!

Bank Nifty picks up momentum as it is poised to soar high!! What’s next for the market? 

Buy Around – 45000 | Stop Loss – 44700 | Target – 45300 |

The Bank Nifty started flat, suggesting a possibility of big upward movement. 

The momentum is looking pretty good, and there’s a strong bullish signal from the candlestick pattern occurring. 

Traders can expect more upside moves. 

Trending Equity News:

The market makes waves when the companies within it start creating the vibes. here are some of the companies doing so!!

Bajaj Finserv:

The gross direct premium underwritten for August was $1,677.87 billion, according to a subsidiary of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company, while the total premium for the current financial year up to August was $9,228.81 billion. The entire premium paid by the subsidiary Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company in August was Rs 926.41 crore, and the total premium paid in the current fiscal year (FY24) up to August was Rs 3,828.06 crore.

Tata Steel Ltd :

AVAADA Group announced that it has signed an MOU with Tata Steel Special Economic Zone Ltd to set up a green hydrogen and ammonia manufacturing unit in Odisha.

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd:

The Oil and Natural Gas Corporation is likely to infuse about INR 150 billion in ONGC Petro additions as part of a financial restructuring exercise that will see gas utility GAIL being edged out of the petrochemical firm. 

That’s all for today folks!!

We’ll be back soon with more news.

Until then, Happy Trading!!

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