Forex News Letter: What Lies Ahead in the Post-Christmas Forex Market?


Dollar index

      Dollar index is trading around 101.29.

Around 101.48… Sell it.

Downside Targets Looks 101–100.70.

Stop loss or Resistance  101.80.


                (Friday  We Recommended  to Buy!!! Above $2057)

             (Made a High of    $2064)
            (1st Target   $2066 )

Buy above $2070 …levels Only

Stoploss $2050

Upside Targets Target $2081-2103. 


        Buy Above 24.450…levels Only
                Upside Targets Looks  24.70 –24.80.

Stop Loss 24.17.


                         (Friday  We Recommended  to Sell !!! Around 3.90)             
                    (1st Target Hit 3.89  )

  Copper is Trading Near 3.9090…!!
          Around 3.9020… Sell It

                Downside Targets Looks 3.8840–3.8635


           Stop Loss or Resistance 3.9260

            CRUDE OIL (WTI)

                Crude Oil is Trading Around 73.35.

    Below 73.15  Sell
Downside Target 72.14-71.40.                                    

                    Stoploss 73.90.            


                     Buy Above  17040 Levels Only…!!
      Upside  Target Looks 17100–17150.

 Stop-loss 16965.

          S&P 500

  (Friday   We Recommended to Buy !!! Above 4800)
    ( 1st Target Hit  4820 )    

S&P 500 Support 4803
        Buy Above   4815…!!
        Target Looks 4826-4850.


                         (Friday  We Recommended  to GBPUSD  Buy!!! Above 1.2720)

                          (Made a High of  1.2744)
                          (1st Target   1.2746)

Buy Above 0.64870  Stop-loss 0.64650 Target 0.65127.  

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