Forex News letter: Will the Christmas Showstopper US PCE Data take the spotlight?

Dollar index

      Dollar index is trading around 101.24.

Below  101.16… Sell it.

Downside Targets Looks 101.07-100.62

Stop loss or Resistance  101.40.


             (Yesterday We Recommended  to Sell!!! Below $2033)
            (1st Target Hit   $2029 )

         Buy Above  $2057…levels Only
Upside Targets Looks  $2066–$2075–$2088
Resistance or Stop-loss $2039.


          Buy Above 24.53…levels Only
          Upside  Targets Looks  24.73–24.90.

Support & Stop Loss 24.28


  Copper is Trading Near 3.9185…!!
  Around 3.90… Sell It

Downside Targets Looks 3.89–3.87


Stop Loss or Resistance 3.94


Crude Oil News: Crude rose to a three-week high, gains appear to be limited

                Crude Oil is Trading Around 74.50.

   Above 74.86  Buy it…!!

              Upside Targets Looks 75.40-75.80. Stoploss 74.


     (Yesterday  We Recommend to Buy !!! Above 16900)
         ( 1st target Hit of  16950)

   Buy Above  16890 Levels Only…!!

Downside Target Looks 16820–16780.

Support or Stop-loss 16960.

S&P 500

  (Yesterday  We Recommended to Buy !!! Above 4780)
    ( 1st Target Hit  4800 )    

S&P 500 Support 4782
        Buy Above   4800…!!
        Target Looks 4820-4840.


Buy Above 1.2720   Stop-loss 1.27020  Target 1.2746 .  

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