House Prepares for Biden Impeachment Inquiry: President’s Time Up?

House Prepares for Biden Impeachment Inquiry: President's Time Up?

It seems like President Joe Biden is going to land in a lot of trouble. 

Straight from Washington, Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced on Tuesday that he is directing the U.S. House to open an impeachment inquiry into the President’s activities. The impeachment will be mainly focused on his family’s business dealings and in fact, it’s just right in time for the 2024 elections. 

Before we dive into the crux of the issue, let’s understand what an impeachment enquiry entails

Impeachment Inquiry – What is it? 

So basically, an impeachment inquiry is an investigation of possible wrongdoing by a federal official, such as in this case with the US president and alternatively, it could be on the Cabinet Officials or judges. 

In accordance with the United States Constitution, Article 1 Section 2 gives the House of Representatives the sole power to make formal charges against executives and additional Article 1 Section 3 gives the Senate the sole power to try impeachments.

Reason for pursuing the impeachment against Biden:

The House Republicans have been aggressively pursuing investigations on Biden and his son Hunter, claiming that they engaged in a pedaling scheme. These allegations are somewhat in consonance with what Trump has made for years against Joe Biden and his family. 

Republicans have held on to an unverified tip that has been given to the FBI about allegations concerning bribery schemes involving Biden when he was the vice president under Barack Obama. This claim had emerged in 2019.

The Republicans have developed deeply into the Justice Department’s inquiry suggesting that Hunter has received special treatment even where there was Whistleblower testimony. 

However, even with the efforts, Republicans have sought to directly connect Hunter Biden’s financial affairs to his father, but have failed to produce the necessary evidence required to show the participation of his son’s work. 

The FBI and the IRS have been investigating Hunter Biden for several years and the case had arrived at a crossroad towards a plea deal around the middle of the year, however the Judge rejected the terms of the agreement. Even since then, hunter Biden had entered into a not guilty plea on tax charges levied on him. 

The Impeachment Inquiry – Inner Workings:

McCarthy reportedly said that he has asked Comer to take the lead on the impeachment inquiry, working alongside House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan and House Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith. 

McCarthy shall be moving on with the inquiry without a House Vote. The US Constitution does not require a vote to start an impeachment inquiry, and neither do the rules governing the House. 

Will the inquiry uncover new information or will Joe Biden push away the allegations and move forward for the 2024 election? 

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