Forex News Letter – The Last Rally Leading To Christmas, Begins!

The Forex news is in and the market is setting up for a thrilling end season leading to Christmas. What will be your trump card moving forward?

Check out our outlook on the latest forex news!!

Dollar index

Dollar index is trading around 102.04.

Below 102… Sell it.

Downside Targets Looks 101.60 — 101.40.

Stop loss or Resistance 102.20.


           Sell  Below $2015…levels Only
        Downside  Targets Looks  $2005-$1980.
Resistance or Stop-loss $2030.


                          Buy Above 24.50…levels Only
                        Upside  Targets Looks  24.250-24.500.
Support & Stop Loss 23.70


      (Friday  We Recommended  to Sell!!! Below 3.9020 )
  (Our Target  Hit  3.8840 )

          Copper is Trading Near 3.8730…!!
            Below 3.8620…Sell it

                      Downside Targets Looks 3.8325—3.8070


    Stoploss or Resistance 3.9045


                        (Friday  We Told to Buy!!! Above 72.10 )
                      (Maid a High  of  72.50 )

Crude Oil is Trading Around 71.25

   Below 71.0  Sell it…!!

                   Downside Targets Looks 70.40 — 69.50.                                                          

Stoploss 71.90



            (Friday  We Recommend to Buy!!! Above 16830 )
          (Maid a High  of  16890)

  NASDAQ Still Looks Positive On Chart…!! 

      Buy Above 16900 Levels Only…!!
Upside Target Looks 17000-17050.
Support or Stop-loss 16800.

S&P 500

  S&P 500 Support 4770
          Buy Above 4790…!!
        Target Looks 4830-4860…!



             (Friday  We Told you to Sell EURUSD!!! Below 1.09444 )
                    (Our Target  Hit  1.09091 )

Buy Above 142.940 Stop-loss 142.033  Target  143.45–144.188.

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