Forex News Letter: Can PMI Data Work its Positive Magic in the Market?


Dollar index

              (Yesterday We Recommended Sell!!! Below 102.16 )
              (OUR TARGET HIT  101.40 )

Dollar index is trading around 101.61.

Below 101.50… Sell it.

Downside Targets Looks 100.90 — 99.52.

Stop loss or Resistance 102.25.


          ( !!Yesterday  We Told Buy Above $2040 )
             (RUNNING  $2042 )

      Fresh   Buy Above $2050…levels Only
         Upside  Targets Looks  $2070-$2090.
Support or Stop-loss $2029.


    Buy Above 24.35…levels Only
       Upside  Targets Looks  24.70-24.80.
Support & Stop Loss 24.13


          Copper is Trading Near 3.770…!!
                  Below 3.9020…Sell it

                   Downside Targets Looks 3.8915—3.8840


         Above 3.8990…Buy it 


                        (Yesterday We Told to Buy!!! Above 71.50 )
                (Maid a High  of  72.06 )

Crude Oil is Trading Around 71.83

    Above 72.10 Again Buy it…!!

                  Upside Targets Looks 72.70 — 73.17. Support 71.30


  NASDAQ is Looks Positive On Chart…!! 

      Buy Above 16830 Levels Only…!!

Upside Target Looks 16920-16950.

Support or Stop-loss 16725.

S&P 500

  S&P 500 Support 4733
          Buy Above 4795…!!
        Target Looks 4840-4870…!


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                        (Yesterday We Told you to Buy GBPEUR!!! Above 1.160 )
                      (Our Target  Hit  1.1635 )

Sell Below 1.09444  Stop-loss 1.10055  Target  1.09091  

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