Forex News Letter: How Long Can Gold Hold On?

Forex News Letter: How Long Can Gold Hold On?

With PMI frenzy raging on the Forex News for the day is in!!

Will gold rally or will it sustain its momentum?

There’s a lot of interesting analysis waiting to be uncovered, so let’s dive in and analyse.

Dollar index 

Yesterday We Recommended to Buy  !!Above  103.40)
              (1st Target Hit 103.70 ) 

 Sell Below 103.

 Downside Targets Looks 102.70 – 102.20

 Stop loss Above 103.30


Buy Above   $2213

Upside Targets Looks  $2232 – $2250.
        Stop-loss $2197


Buy Above   $25.56

        Upside Targets Looks  $25.86–$26.20

Stop-loss $25.30


Sell Below  $4.075

  Downside Targets Look $4.07- $4.063

  Stop Loss Above $4.09


  Crude Oil is Trading Around $81.08.

               Above  $81.30… Buy it!!

      Upside Target $82 -$83.

         Stop Loss $80.


  Sell Below   18590  Levels Only…!!
      Downside  Target Looks 18480–18300.

      Stop-loss 18670.

S&P 500 E-Mini 

Buy Above 5305.50

Stoploss   5301.50

  Upside Target Looks 5310.50-5310.50.


Yesterday We Recommended to CHFJPY Sell  !!Below 170)
              (Target Hit 169.60 ) 

  Buy Above  1.2800  Stop-loss 1.2750 Target 1.2850

Forex News: How Long will Gold Hold On?

Gold prices have reises as the FED remained stuck with the prjections of 3 rate cuts this year. The US Yields have falled sharply as the market expectation for the FED have started rate cuts from June.

So what’s instore next?

We’ll be back with more news soon.

Until then, Happy Trading!!

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