Forex News letter : Gold and Buddies Ready for Market Domination?

The forex news for the day is in and its time for the market to prepare for the US data that’s incoming.

With gold, silver and its friends the currency pairs in focus, what’s the consensus the market is giving to the traders.

Let’s dive in and find out!!

Dollar Index 

Buy Above   104.60

  Upside Targets Looks 104.63– 104.85

 Stop loss below 104.50


  sell below  $2245

 Downside  Target Looks  $2237– $2220.
        Stop-loss $2


sell below  

        Downside  Target Looks $24.85–$24.73
         Stop-loss $2


Buy Above  $4.07

 Upside Targets Look $4.09- $4.11

  Stop Loss $4.03


Crude Oil is Trading Around $82.98.

  sell below  $82.80               

      downside Target $81.90-$81.25

Stop-loss 83.60


Sell Below   18500 Levels Only…!!
     Downside  Target Looks 18450–18380.

      Stop-loss 18620.

S&P 500 E-Mini 

Sell Below  5320

Stoploss   5340.

   Downside Target Looks 5300-5270.


 Buy Above  163.330  Stop-loss 163.150 Target 163.420

Forex News: Gold and the currency pairs in focus!!

The gold price has been trading close to fresh all time high on the firm believe that the Fed rate cuts are on way. The gold price has corrected itself slightly after refreshing a new all time high ahead of the US data filled week.

In other forex news, the EUR/USD is facing pressures ahead of a data filled wek. Ahead of the data packed US week, EUR/USD drops. The Dollar index is on the rise as market sentiment shifts ahead of the US opening after an extended weekend.

That’s all folks!!

Happy Trading!!

Commodity Samachar
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