Forex News Letter : Gold and Silver in the Spotlight Again?

Forex News Letter : Gold and Silver in the Spotlight Again?

The forex news for the day is in and it seems like the deadly duo, Gold and Silver are in focus again.

With major bank data incoming and a plethora of factors affecting the metals, what’s the trajectory?

Let’s get started then, shall we?

  Dollar index 

 Buy Above  103.05

  Upside Targets Looks 103.20 – 103.40

 Stop loss Above 102.90


Sell Below   $2152

Downside Targets Looks  $2144 – $2130.
        Stop-loss $2160


Sell Below   $25.04

         Downside Targets Looks  $24.80–$24.40

Stop-loss $25.25


On Friday We Recommended to Buy  !!Above  $4.10 )
              (1st Target Hit $4.13  ) 

Sell Below  $4.11

  Downside Targets Look $4.09- $4.07

  Stop Loss Above $4.13


On Friday We Recommended to Buy  !!Above  $79.60 )
              (1st Target Hit $81) 

  Crude Oil is Trading Around $81.27.

               Below  $81… Sell it!!

       Downside Target $80 -$79

         Stop Loss $82.20


  Sell Below   18250  Levels Only…!!
      Downside  Target Looks 18140–18050.

      Stop-loss 18330.

S&P 500 E-Mini 

Sell Below     5220

Stoploss   5240.

   Downside Target Looks 5200-5180.


  Buy Above  0.8256  Stop-loss 0.8220 Target 0.8280.

Forex News: Gold and Silver Back Again!!

Gold prices have been facing pressure as central bank meetings are on the horizon. As per the analysis, Gold prices have fallen slightly as the US yield has remained firm due to the diminished Fed rate cut expectations. Hence, this week’s Fed decisions are imperative for commodities and forex markets.

The silver prices are on a reverse trend as early Fed rate cut hopes are diminishing as we speak. A decline has been noticed as DED reserve cuts are not seen in the near terms.

That’s all for now folks.

We’ll be back with more news soon.

Until then, Happy Trading!!

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