Forex News Letter: FOMC Meeting Minutes to take hold of market movements?

Dollar index

(Yesterday We Recommended to Buy !!! Above 101.35)

    ( Both Targets Hit  101.65–101.90

      Dollar index is trading around 101.97.

Above 102.11… Buy it.

Upside Targets Looks 102.26 — 102.33.

Stop loss  101.76.


    Sell Below  $2047…levels Only
        Downside Targets Looks  $2037–$2028.
      Stop-loss $2060.


     Sell Below  23.35…levels Only
           Downside Targets Looks  23.10 — 22.90.

       Stop Loss 23.61


(Yesterday We Recommended to Sell!!! Below 3.8780)

    ( 1st Targets Hit 3.84)     

Copper is trading around 3.8475

   Around 3.85–3.86…Sell  it

         Again  Downside Targets Looks 3.83 — 3.82.

     Stop Loss 3.8720

         CRUDE OIL (WTI)

     (Yesterday Call is not active)

Crude Oil is Trading Around 69.95.

                Above 69.20… Buy it!!

                Downside Target 67.70–67.30. 

                       Stop Loss 70.28       


(Yesterday  We Recommended to Sell !!! Below 16980)

    ( Both Targets Hit 16960–16940)   

    Sell Below   16620 Levels Only…!!

      Downside  Target Looks 16470-16270.

 Stop-loss 16790.

[ Note: The FOMC meeting minutes are anticipated and the output may lead to cutting of interest rates. If the interest rates have been cut, then we can see a fall in NASDAQ]

      S&P 500

(Yesterday  We Recommended to Sell !!! Below 4826 )

    ( 1st Targets Hit 4805 )   

    S&P 500 Resistance 4790
       Sell Below  4760…!!
      Target Looks 4750-4730.


Buy Above  143.00  Stop-loss 142.553  Target 143.225

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