Forex News Letter: Dollar Index, Silver and Excitement around Gold?

It’s Friday and the forex markets are in full swing with a lot of focus on the dollar index, silver and gold.

What’s in store for traders in the forex market today with a lot of US data arriving?

Check out our Forex news letter now and find out!!!

Dollar Index

Dollar index is trading around 103.840.

(Yesterday we told you Sell Below 103.300)

(Targets hit 103.100…!!)

(Don’t Miss the Profit)

Support at 103.266 and resistance is 103.450

Dollar Index is Trading Near Support Zone

Sell Below 103.260…!!

Downside Targets looks 102.070—102.46.


                 From Last 2 Days XAUUSD Is Trade in The Range $2040-$2017.
          Today There is Important Data At 7 PM.  NON FARM PAYROLL…!!

               Support $2006-$1999 and Resistance $2050-$2070


(Yesterday We Recommended You Buy around 23.125)

(Targets hit 23.300-23.500…)

XAGUSD is Looks Weak On Chart
Below 23.700 levels only Sell it…!!
Downside Targets Looks 23.400—23.200


Copper is Trading Near Resistance  3.8310…!!
   Sell Around 3.8300

   Downside Targets Looks 3.8020—3.7975


                              Don’t miss the golden chance                  

           (Yesterday we have given Sell Around 71.)

(Targets hit 69.10…)

Crude Oil is Trading Near Support  70.50
Buy Above 71.27
Upside  Targets Looks 72–72.88—74.90

Nasdaq launching options on the Nasdaq-100 Micro Index | Reuters               


NASDAQ Support 16190-16110 & Resistance 16325-16450

Above 16250 Levels Only Buy it…!!
Downside Targets Looks 15570—15400.

S&P 500

         S&P 500 Support 4619 & Resistance  4670

      Buy Above 4650…!!

      We May Expect Targets 4670


Sell Below  0.8965 Stop-loss 0.8990 Target 0.8950

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