Forex News Letter: Is Today a Sequel to Yesterday’s Market Drama?

Forex News Letter: Is Today a Sequel to Yesterday's Market Drama?

Dollar index

      Dollar index is trading around 101.97.

Below 101.70… Sell it.

Downside Targets Looks 101.30 — 100.90.

Stop loss  102.06.


                     Buy Above  $2050…levels Only
                    Upside Targets Looks  $2060–$2070.
            Stop-loss $2029.


                                Buy Above  23.24…levels Only
                                Upside Targets Looks  23.35– 23.52.

                      Stop Loss 23.


   Below 3.79…Sell  it

                  Downside Targets Looks 3.78 — 3.70.

                 Stop Loss 3.81.

                                    CRUDE OIL (WTI)

( Yesterday We Recommended to Sell !! Below 71

( Made a Low 70.10  target 70.

Crude Oil is Trading Around 72.08.

     Above  72.30… Buy it!!

             Upside Target 72.80.73. 

                      Stop Loss 71.50        



( Yesterday We Recommended to Buy !! Above 16512

( Both Targets Hit 16590–16630

   Sell Below  16720  Levels Only…!!
              Downside   Target Looks 16660-16590.

      Stop-loss 16800.

                 S&P 500

                                                    S&P 500 Resistance 4800.
                                                      Sell Below   4780…!!

                                            Downside Target Looks 4770-4750.



Buy Above 0.8600  Stop-loss 0.85850  Target 086150.

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