Is the Market witnessing a bullish trend? It’s time for traders to take action!!

We’ve reached Wednesday and the market has a lot to offer today. With the news of the FED meeting tonight, we’ll be looking at a lot of market moves. So keep your eyes screwed to your screen and have a great trading session.

Let’s Begin!!

Is Nifty back to its bullish form? Can traders see the market trends going HIGHER AND HIGHER today?

The last session of Nifty was quite an exciting one as traders saw Nifty break out from inside the bar and the price closed strong. A bullish belt and a candlestick pattern were formed too. Traders can expect more upside moves today.

Our recommendation:

Buy around – 18720
Stop loss – 18620
Target – 18820

Did bank nifty just take a sharp U-turn and rise? Traders can expect exciting things today!!

The last session of bank nifty brought traders a sharp upward rally and formed a strong bullish belt. It also formed a strong candlestick pattern. Traders can expect more upside moves in today’s session.

Our recommendation:

Buy around – 44120
Stop loss – 43960
Target – 44280

The trending stocks of the day:

Our technical analysts have hand-picked the hottest stocks in the market. Here’s the full scoop on which ones to focus on today

It’s time to BUY PFC FUT!!

Buy Above – 204.5
Stop loss – 197
Target – 212


Sell below – 176.50
Stop Loss – 182.50
Target – 170.5

BUY stocks that’ll give you nostalgia

Buy around – 1606
Stop loss – 1590
Target – 1636


Buy around – 2318
Stop loss – 2246
Target – 2390/2440

It’s time to sell some healthcare stocks!!

Sell below – 989
Stop loss – 999
Target – 979/972

Trending News of Equity Outlook:

Some exciting news has been rolling in this morning.

Investment entity Plutus Wealth Management LLP has bought 75 lakhs of equity shares in the media & entertainment company ZEE Entertainment Enterprises for INR 191.44 per share which has amount to INR 143.58 crore.

In other news, SAT Industries have sold 40.63 lakh shares or a 3.55% stake in its material subsidiary, Aeroflex Industries to the Carnelian Structure fund for a whopping INR 35.58 crore.

LTIMindtree has joined the Microsoft Intelligent security association(MISA). They are endeavouring to deliver cybersecurity and resiliency services through a modular, systematic and platform-based module.

A 2.06% interest in Empire Industries was sold by the Life Insurance Corporation of India in an open-market transaction. The LIC’s ownership of the company decreased from 8.72% to 6.66%.

We’re done for the day; check back soon for additional updates.

Until then, have fun trading!!

Commodity Samachar
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