Will Indian indices rise after a ranged trade? Here’s something you should know!

Will Indian indices rise after a ranged trade? here's something you should know

On Tuesday, with a lot of data pouring into the market, there are several things that traders have to keep in focus today.

Nifty traded in a range yesterday, can traders expect a more fluctuating market today?

In the past session, Nifty was trading in a range and seemed to be under a lot of pressure. Our technical analysts expect that there may be more downside moves yet to come.

So traders keep your eyes open!!

Sell below – 18620
Stop loss – 18740
Target – 18500

The price broke down in the last session of Bank nifty. What’s the next move for traders?

As per market analysis, the last session of Bank nifty saw that there was a price breakdown into a pin bar candlestick pattern. This could either be bearish or bullish, however, our analysts believe more downsides.

Traders take note of these events.

Sell around 44080
Stop loss – 44250
Target – 43910

The trending stocks of the day:

From a sea of data, our technical analysts have chosen the best stocks for you to focus on today. So, here are the things to watch out for!!

It’s time to Sell Astral FUT!!!

Sell below 1960
Stop Loss 2012
Target at 1908

Sell!! Sell!! Sell!! BEL FUT

Sell below – 119
Stop Loss – 125
Target – 113

The power’s in your hand!!

Sell around – 245
Stop loss – 251
Target – 239

Sell calls all day long!!

Sell below 1330
Stop loss 1385
Target – 1275


Buy around 1870
Stop loss 1832
Target at 1908

Trending News on Equity Outlook:

In Today’s news HFCL, the digital network solutions provider has gained an order worth INR 80.92 crore from the DMRC. They will be focused on setting up a fibre optics transmission system for Phase IV of the Delhi Metro Project.

Greeve Cotton, an e-mobility business has associated with Bike Bazaar Finance which will allow them to create ELE-branded L3 electric vehicles.

The Adani Group has stopped operating vessels in the ports of Mundra and Tuna. This is being done due to an advisory issued by the Indian metrological department on the expected cyclone storm ‘ Biparjoy’.

The Punjab and Sind Bank have received board approval for raising capital up to INR 750 crore through the issuance of Basel III compliant additional tier 1 bonds or Tier 2 bonds within 12 months.

That’s all for today, we’ll be back soon with tomorrow’s update.

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