Indian Indices ride the ‘Bullish wave’ to the top in the weekly charts!! But will this last?

The new week has begun but what happened to the market the previous week? 

Well, our analysts have been on the scene and it has been evident that the Indian Indices showed a bullish trend. 

Even though ups and downs were present, the Indian indices managed to break through and maintain a bullish trend. 

However, will this trend last?

Let’s dive in and find out!!

Nifty displays a bullish trend. Will it give hope to the market? 

Buy Around – 19700 | Stop loss – 19200 | Target – 20200 |

The week was one of the most exciting ones yet. Nifty had started the day with a strong upward gap, showing a bullish trend. 

it had ended on a positive note and formed a big bullish candlestick pattern. 

The market’s positive sentiment and strong momentum are adding to this bullish trend. 

It has formed a strong bullish candlestick pattern with high trading volumes. 

Resistance has been placed at  20000/20500. The Support has been placed at 19400/19000.

Bank Nifty follows suit to Nifty and displays a Bullish trend. What’s next for the market?

Buy Around – 45300 | Stop loss – 44800 | Target – 45800 |

Bank Nifty had started the week off with a strong bullish rally and witnessed a lot of ups and downs. 

it had ended on a positive note and formed a candlestick pattern that looks like a hammer. 

The market’s positive mood and strong momentum are significantly contributing to this upward trend. 

It has formed a hammer kind of candlestick pattern with a high trading volume. 

The resistance has been placed at 45500/46000. The Support was placed at 44200/43700. 

Stocks to Focus on:

It’s the dawn of a new trading session and what better way to start it off than with the top pick to focus on this week? 

Let’s begin!!



Buy Above – 1475 | Stop Loss – 1400 | Target – 1550 |


Buy Around 4985 | Stop Loss – 4885 | Target – 5085 |


Buy Above – 305 | Stop Loss – 275 | Target – 335 |


Buy Above – 570 | Stop Loss – 520 | Target – 620 |



Buy Above – 280 | Stop Loss – 260 | Target – 300 |



Buy Around – 750 | Stop Loss – 650 | Target – 850 |

Trending Equity News: 

The week has come to an end and it’s time to say hello to a new one. Before that let’s see the companies that have made significant moves in the market. 

Cupid Ltd:

The Universal-Halwasiya Group will acquire a significant stake (41.84%) in Cupid Ltd from the Existing promoter/promoter Group namely Mr Omprakash Garg and Mrs. Veena Garg. 


The company has signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) for 18 MW of Solar power. The project has been secured through open competitive bidding at a tariff of INR 2.63/- in the e reverse auction organized by the Punjab Energy Development Agency. 

Adani Enterprises ltd:

Adani Enterprise: Adani Global Pte ltd. Singapore, a step-down wholly owned subsidiary of the Company(“AGPTE”) has signed a Joint Venture Agreement with Kowa Holding Asia Pte. Ltd, Singapore. 

Tata Steel Ltd: 

Tata Steel has acquired 26,22,890 equity shares of INR 10/- each at an issue price of INR 427.01/share of the Indian Steel and Wire Products Ltd, a subsidiary of the Company, on a preferential basis, for an amount aggregating to INR 112 crore. 

That’s all folks!!

We’ll be back with more updates soon. 

Until then, Happy Trading!!

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