Indian Indices ‘Fly High’ For Second Consecutive Day. Will The Upside Trend Continue

It’s Thursday and for the second straight day, traders have been having smiles on their faces. 

After witnessing strong selling pressure, the Indian Indices seem to be poised to soar high again!! 

Will this trend continue moving forward or will there be a change in the trajectory? 

Well, let’s find out!!

Nifty soars after ‘rib tickling’ selling pressure was witnessed. What’s the next move?

Buy Above – 19500 | Stop Loss -19400 | Target – 19600 |

The previous session of the market has been a whirlwind session and the last session of Nifty opened the gap down and seemed to be under strong selling pressure. 

There has been a slow recovery, however, it closed positively. The candlestick pattern has formed a hammer, and traders should anticipate upward swings. 

Bank Nifty follows suit to Nifty and is poised to move upwards!! What’s next for the market?

Buy Above – 44150 | Stop Loss – 43850 | Target – 44450 |

Bank Nifty follows Nifty’s path and the last session opened the gap down. It has seen strong selling pressure and has recovered slowly. 

It has closed positively, formed a hammer candlestick pattern and traders can expect an upward movement today.

Trending Equity News:

Indian Indices 'Fly high' for second consecutive day. Will the upside trend continue?

There are a lot of companies making noise in the market and here are the ones making a difference in the market

Adani power:

At an average price of Rs 279.15 per share, the Goldman Sachs Trust II-Goldman Sachs GQG Partners International Opportunities Fund purchased 10.3 crore equity shares in the Adani Group company, and the GQG Partners Emerging Markets Equity Fund acquired 4.9 crore shares from open market transactions. Together, these purchases totalled Rs 4,244.76 crore or 3.94% of the total equity.

JSW Energy:

GQG Partners Emerging Markets Equity Fund, which is sponsored by Rajiv Jain, has acquired 1.03 crore shares, or 0.62% of JSW Energy, through open market transactions at an average cost of Rs 341.7 per share. However, promoter JSW Investments sold 2.1 crore shares or 1.28% stake in the company at the same price, which amounted to Rs 717.57 crore.

Ujjivan Financial Services:

On August 14, New Quest Asia Investment II decreased its stock investment from 5.17% to 2.7% in the financial services provider. On August 14, the foreign investor sold its 2.47% interest through block transactions.

Nagarjuna Agri Tech:

Non-promoter Bhavani Nadimipalli has bought 7 lakh shares or a 7.47% stake in the company. On August 10, an off-market transaction occurred.

That’s all folks!!

We’ll be back with more info soon. 

Until then, Happy Trading!!

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