Forex Newsletter: Will Silver Steal the Spotlight?

Forex Newsletter: Will Silver Steal the Spotlight?

The forex newsletter for the day is here. Without further adieu, let’s dive in!

Dollar Index

Sell Around 104.30

Downside Targets Looks 103.90–103.50

Stop loss Above 104.72
(Yesterday we recommend sell Around 104.60
1st target almost Achieved 104.20  )


Buy above $2350

Upside Target Looks $2370 —$2390

Stop-loss below $2432


Buy above $31.00

Downside Target Looks $32.00 —$33
Stop-loss below $30


Buy above $4.82

Up side Targets Look $5.00—$5.20

Stop Loss below $4.74.50


Crude Oil is Trading Around $78.15!!

Buy around $ 77.60

Up side Target $78.60— $79.80
Stop-loss Below $76

(Yesterday we recommend sell below 77.80
1st and 2nd Target almost Achieved 76  )


Buy around 18780

Upside Target Looks 18000–18200

Stop-loss Below-17600

S&P 500 E-Mini

Sell above 5325

Stop loss below 5250
Up side side Target Looks 5375 / 5430


Buy above 1.7422
Stop Loss below 4.73.85
 Target- 1.7452

Forex News in Focus:

The shimmering stars of the market have reached the top of the list of today’s forex news.

Gold seems to be pulling back after the previous week’s humongous selloff. As this winds down, traders have set their eyes on the US inflation data that will be appearing later this week to reassess several decisions.

In other news, with escalation in geopolitical events, Silver price have advanced. Israeli strikes in Rafah on a Sunday had killed at least 35 people thereby intensifying pressure surrounding he conflict in Gaza.

Happy Trading!

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