Forex Newsletter: Jobs Jitters – Commodities Take a Dive as Focus

The forex newsletter for the day is here. Without further adieu, let’s dive in!

Dollar Index

Sell around 104.30
Down side Targets Looks 103.30—102.30
Stop loss above 105.30


Sell around $2340
Down side Target Looks $2325—$2300
Stop-loss above $2355


sell around $30.50
Downside Target Looks $30.00—$29.50
Stop-loss above $30.90


sell around $4.72
Down side Target Look $4.60–$4.50
Stop Loss above $4.84


Crude Oil is Trading Around $72.800

Buy above $ 73.00
Up side Target $73.60—$74.00
Stop-loss Below $72.40


sell around 18600

Down side Target Looks 18400 —18200
Stop-loss Below-18800

S&P 500 E-Mini

Buy above 5320
Stop loss above 5250
Upside Target Looks 5400–5450


Buy above 1.0860 Stop Loss below 1.0820 Target- 1.0900

Forex News in Focus:
Gold Prices Consolidate Amid US Jobs Data Uncertainty
Gold prices have stabilized within a narrow range of $2,320 to $2,360, awaiting crucial US jobs data this week. The dollar’s struggle to show bullish potential and a softer dollar have not boosted appetite for precious metals, with investors waiting for key indicators like JOLTs and NFP.

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