Forex Newsletter: How Resilient is Gold’s Downside?

The Forex newsletter for the day is here. Without further adieu, let’s dive in!

Dollar Index

Buy on dip around 105.20
Upside Targets Looks 105.700/106.00
Stop loss below 104.700


Sell around $2316
Downside Target Looks $2308—$2300
Stop-loss above $2325


Sell around $29.00
Downside Target Looks $28.80—$28.60
Stop-loss above $29.22


Buy above 4.3750
Upside Target Look $4.3900—$4.4150
Stop Loss below 4.3600


(Yesterday given Buy on dip around $80.50, Both target done, hope you have made a good profit)

Buy on dip around $80.80
upside Target $81.50—$82.00
Stop-loss below $80.00


(yesterday given Sell around 19900, First target almost done, hope you have made a good profit)

Sell below 19900
Downside Target Looks 19750—19600
Stop-loss above – 20070

S&P 500 E-Mini

Sell below 5520
Stop loss above 5560
Downside Target Looks 5480—5450


Buy around $160.450
Stop loss below $159.800
Upside Target Looks $161.00

Gold’s Resilience: Capped Downside Amid Geopolitics and Currency Shifts

Gold’s downside is limited by its role as a safe-haven asset amid global uncertainty, the US dollar’s fluctuations, and the BRICS trade bloc’s strategy to use gold as an alternative to the dollar in international trade

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