Forex Newsletter: Gold Surges to New Heights Amid Geopolitical Turmoil and Rate Cut Expectations

Dollar Index

(Yesterday we recommend Sell Below 105.20
Both Target achieve 105.00-104.70)

Buy Above 105.00

Upside Targets Looks 105.30-105.80

Stop loss Below 104.50


(Yesterday we recommend Buy Above $2322

Both Target $2338– $2355

Sell Below $2369
Downside Target Looks  $2360– $2340
Stop-loss Above $2380


(Yesterday we recommend Buy Around $27.50

 1st Target Achieve $28.00)

Sell Below $28.44

Downside Target Looks $28..00–$27.50
Stop-loss Above $28.70


(Yesterday we recommend Buy Above $4.5480

Both Target Achieve $4.56-$4.58)

Buy Around $4.6340

Upside Targets Look $4.68-$4.70

Stop Loss Below $4.6460


Crude Oil is Trading Around $79.76

(Yesterday we recommend Buy Around $79.00

1st Target Achieve $81.00)

Buy Around $79.20
Upside Target $81.00- $83.00

Stop-loss Below $77.00


Buy Around 18120
Upside Target Looks 18700 –18500.

Stop-loss Below -17900

S&P 500 E-Mini 

Buy Around 5200

Stoploss Below 5140
Downside Target Looks 5260-5300


Buy Above– 0.6631 Stop Loss Below – 0.66 Target-0.6650

Gold prices have skyrocketed in recent weeks, reaching record highs as investors flock to the safe-haven asset amidst escalating geopolitical tensions and expectations of lower interest rates from the Federal Reserve. The precious metal is currently trading at around $2,360 per ounce, up nearly 1% on the day.

The rally in gold prices is largely driven by the worsening situation in Gaza, where tensions between Israel and Iran have intensified. Investors are seeking refuge in gold, which is traditionally seen as a safe investment during times of uncertainty and instability.

Furthermore, disappointing U.S. labor market data has reignited speculation that the Federal Reserve may need to cut interest rates sooner than previously anticipated.

This has made gold more attractive as an investment, as it does not yield any interest.Analysts believe that the current uptrend in gold prices is likely to continue in the short term, with the bias favoring long-holders. The precious metal has entered a bullish phase, and further gains are expected as geopolitical tensions and expectations of lower interest rates persist.

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