Forex News letter : Will the Market’s MVP be the EURUSD?

It’s the first day of the news week, and it seems like opportunity has come knocking on your door.

On this auspicious occasion of the Pran Pratishtha ceremony at Ayodhya Ram Mandir, things seem to be moving towards a positive side.

So without further adieu, let’s begin!!

Dollar index

    (Friday  We Recommended to Sell!! Below 102.96

    ( 1st Target Hit 102.83 )     

Dollar index is trading around 102.79.

   Below 102.70… Sell it.

    Downside Targets Looks 102.64 — 102.40

 Stop loss below 102.95



                              (Friday  We Recommended to Buy!! Above $2032

                         ( 1st Target Hit $2039)    

                      Above $2032… Buy levels Only
                          Upside Targets Looks  $2039–$2040.
                    Stop-loss $2018.


             Sell Below  $22.…levels Only
              Downside Targets Looks  $21.88 –21.73.

    Stop Loss 22.24.


    (Friday  We Recommended to Buy!! Around $3.76

    ( 1st Target Hit $3.79)    

Around 3.76…Buy  it

  Upside Targets Look 3.79 — 3.80.

  Stop Loss 3.74.

                                     CRUDE OIL (WTI)

Crude Oil is Trading Around 73.35.

   Above 73.63.… Buy it!!

     Upside Target 74.31–75.20. 

                   Stop Loss 72.50.       


                ( Friday We Recommended to Buy !! Above 17240

            (Both Target hit  17300–17350 )
      Sell Below 17520 Levels Only…!!
              Downside Target Looks 17480-17420.

      Stop-loss 17571.

                                                      S&P 500

        ( Friday We Recommended to Buy!!Above 4840

             (Both Target hit 4850-4860)

   S&P 500 Resistance 4890.
        Sell Below 4874…!!

                   Downside Target Looks 4863-4847.



              Sell Below 1.0886  Stop-loss 1.09093  Target 1.08728.

Forex News – Will EUR/USD be the MVP of the year?

The US dollar has been recorded as the best-performing G20 currency in the year to the day. In the coming months, analysts have said that the cautious tone of the messaging from ECB policymakers has been similar to that of the Fed, however, the USD was sold aggressively into year-end allowing for a great rebound.

That’s all for today, folks, We’ll be back soon with more info.

Until then, Happy Trading!!

Commodity Samachar
Learn and Trade with Ease

Commodity Samachar

Commodity Samachar
Learn and Trade with Ease

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