Forex News Letter : Gold and Dollar Rivalry To Drive Market?

The forex news for the day is in and there is an interesting competition between Gold and the Dollar today.

Will these 2 entities spell fun for the market today?

Let’s get started on the analysis

Dollar index 

Yesterday We Recommended to Buy !!Above 103.05 )
              (Both Target Hit 103.20-103.40 ) 

 Sell Below 103.50

  Downside Targets Looks 103.30 – 103

 Stop loss Above 103.70


Buy Above   $2163

Upside Targets Looks  $2170 – $2180.
        Stop-loss $2150


Buy Above   $25

        Upside Targets Looks  $25.20–$25.40

Stop-loss $24.78


Yesterday We Recommended to Sell  !!Below  $4.11 )
              (1st Target Hit $4..09 ) 

Buy Above  $4.05

  Upside Targets Look $4.07- $4.09

  Stop Loss Above $4.02


  Crude Oil is Trading Around $81.27.

               Below  $81.50… Sell it!!

       Downside Target $80.50 -$79

         Stop Loss $82.50


  Sell Below   18150  Levels Only…!!
      Downside  Target Looks 18000–17800.

      Stop-loss 18320.

S&P 500 E-Mini 

Buy Above     5220

Stoploss   5180.

   Downside Target Looks 5240-5260.


  Buy Above  1.1280  Stop-loss 1.1040Target 1.1310.

Forex News: Gold and Dollar Rivalry Underway?

The gold prices have dropped as the US Dollar strengthen ahead of the Fed Policy Meeting. The gold price has dipped as investors have turned cautious ahead of the Fed’s interest rate decision.

The US Dollar advances on hopes that the Fed could delay rate-cut plans.
10-year US yields fall moderately but hold strength on lower expectations for the Fed reducing interest rates in June.

That’s all for today folks!!

We’ll be with more news soon.

Until then, Happy Trading!!

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