Forex News Letter: While US Dollar Floats, Gold Surfs to the Top!

Forex News Letter: While US Dollar Floats, Gold Surfs to the Top!

The forex news for the day is in. With data not in sight for the next 2 days, what’s the fate of the market?

Gold, the US dollar and more are in focus.

Let’s dive in and find out what’s all the latest forex news!!

Dollar Index

Yesterday We Recommended to buy above 104.06

(First target hit 104.36)

Buy Above   104.12

 Upside Targets Looks 104.40 – 104.80

 Stop loss below 103.80


Sell below $2330

Downside Target Looks  $2320– $2305
    Stop-loss Below $2342


Sell below  $27.70

        Downside Target Looks $27.31 –$27.00
         Stop-loss Above $28.05


Yesterday We Recommended to Sell below  $4.1970

( Both target hits –$4.1700-$4.1400)

Buy Around $4.2450

Upside Targets Look $4.2550-$4.2750

  Stop Loss Below $4.2300


Crude Oil is Trading Around $86.04

Buy Above $86.50          

     Upside Target $87.50_$88.50

Stop-loss below 85.30


Yesterday We Recommended to Buy Above 18200

both target hit 18300–18360.

Sell below 18250
Downside Target Looks 18150–18050.

      Stop-loss above 18350

S&P 500 E-Mini 

Yesterday We Recommended to Buy Above 5237

First target hit 5260

Sell below 5237

Stoploss  Above 5270

  Downside Target Looks 5200-5170


Yesterday We Recommended to Sell  GBPAUD Around 1.9250

target hit 1.9220

Buy Around 191.35 Stop-loss Below 191.00 Target 191.70

Forex News: US Dollar Floats while Gold Rallies!!

The US Dollar has been holding on to the Friday gains on Monday. The US Economic calendar is light on Monday and gives room for it to improve.

Gold price on the other hand has rallied. The gold prices have hovered near fresh higher as the US dollar remains in a sideways momentum. Generally, the higher bond yields usually slow down the pace of Gold’s appeal but in this case, it has not held up in the last few weeks.

That’s all for today!

We’ll be back with more news. Until then.

Happy Trading!

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