Forex News Letter: US JOLTS Data and Influences on Gold!

Forex News Letter: US JOLTS Data and Influences on Gold!

The forex news for the day is in and it seems like all the focus is on the gold and the US market.

With JOLTS job openings data on the horizon, what can investors as well as traders expect from today’s market?

Well, without further adieu, let’s begin!!

Dollar Index 

Buy Above   104.68

  Upside Targets Looks 104.87– 105.00

 Stop loss below 104.50


Yesterday We Recommended to Sell Below $2245
(1st Target Hit $2237 )

  sell below  $2255

 Downside  Target Looks  $2248– $2236.
        Stop-loss $2268


Yesterday We Recommended to Sell Below $24.99
( 1st Target Hit $24.85 ) 
sell below  

        Downside  Target Looks $25.20–$25.00
         Stop-loss $25.74


Buy Above  $4.0380

 Upside Targets Look $4.0670- $4.0870

  Stop Loss $4.0160


  Buy Around  $84.00.          

      Downside Target $85.00-$86.00

Stop-loss 83.00


Sell Around  18490 Levels Only…!!
     Downside  Target Looks 18400–18350.

      Stop-loss 18532.

S&P 500 E-Mini 

Yesterday We Recommended to Sell Below  5320

Target almost hit

Buy around 5270

Stoploss   5245.

   Upside Target Looks 5300-5330.


 Buy Around 0.6675  Stop-loss 0.6658 Target 0.67

Forex News: Gold to be disrupted by JOLTS?

The US JOLTS data is something that’s going to be watched very closely by investors ahead of the March jobs report. Following this, the markets are anticipating a strong probability of a 25 bps Fed rate cut in June.

The gold prices are trading close to record highs as a safe haven bid is set to offset high bond yields. the 10-year US yield has risen further as traders pare Fed rate cut expectations.

That’s all for today folks!!

We’ll be back with more news soon.

Until then, Happy Trading!!

Commodity Samachar
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