Forex News Letter : The US Dollar Revival Era is Here!

Forex News Letter : The US Dollar Revival Era is Here!

The forex news for the day is in and its going to be an exciting session indeed. With the revival of the US dollar and a lot more news too look forward, what’s instore for investors and traders in the forex market?

Let’s get started and find out more!

Dollar Index

Buy Above   104.50

  Upside Targets Looks 104.80– 105.00

 Stop loss below 104.30


Yesterday We Recommended to Sell Below $2255

( Target Almost hit)

sell below  $2265

 Downside  Target Looks  $2255– $2245.
        Stop-loss Above $2275


Yesterday We Recommended to Sell Below $25.40
( 1st Target Hit $25.20 ) 

sell below   $26.16

        Downside  Target Looks $25.90–$25.70
         Stop-loss Above $26.33


Yesterday We Recommended to buy above $4.0380

( Both target hits – $4.0670- $4.0870)

Buy Above  $4.05

 Upside Targets Look $4.08- $4.11

  Stop Loss Below $4.02


Yesterday We Recommended to buy above $84.00.

( 1st Target Hit $85.00 ) 

Crude Oil is Trading Around $85.40

Buy around  $83.60             

     Upside Target $85.00-$86.00

Stop-loss 82.40


Buy Around   18285 Levels Only…!!
   Upside  Target Looks 18350–18450.

      Stop-loss 18200.

S&P 500 E-Mini 

Buy Above 5265

Stoploss  below 5230

  Upside Target Looks 5285-5300.


Buy Around  0.5405 Stop-loss Below 0.5375 Target 0.5435

Forex News: The US Dollar Revival Era is here!!

The Gold Prices have remained sideways whereas the US Dollar strengthens on the upbeat US Retail Sales. The US Bond yield has soared as the Fed has seemed to initiate the rate cut cycle from September.

The US Dollar has jumped on upbeat US retail sales data as it recovers from early Monday selling pressures after stronger US retail sales.

That’s all for today folks. We’ll be back with more info tomorrow.

Until then, Happy Trading!

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