Forex News Letter: Essential Movements In The Market Without Data?

Dollar index

            Dollar index is trading around 102.22.

Above 102.30… Buy it.

Upside Targets Looks 102.40 — 102.60.

Stop loss below 102.05.


                              Sell Below $2045…levels Only
                                  Downside Targets Looks  $2041–$2036-$2028.
            Stop-loss $2052.


        Sell Below  23.06…levels Only
        Downside Targets Looks  22.84– 22.65.

Stop Loss 23.30.


   ( Friday We Recommended to Sell !! Below 3.78. ) 

( Both Target hit 3.77-3.75 )  

Around 3.74…Sell  it

      Downside Targets Looks 3.73 — 3.75–3.68.

       Stop Loss 3.76.

        CRUDE OIL (WTI)

Crude Oil is Trading Around 72.06.

                                Around 71.70… Buy it!!

                             Downside Target 71.01–.70.5. 

                                       Stop Loss 71.80.       


    Sell Below 16935  Levels Only…!!
              Downside Target Looks 16830-16800.

      Stop-loss 17000.

                                                      S&P 500

                                        S&P 500 Resistance 4823.
                                         Sell Below   4800…!!

                                            Downside Target Looks 4780-4750.



Sell Below 1.093 Stop-loss 1.0950   Target 1.09175.

Forex News – What’s Trending?

In the latest forex news oil has started its week off with a small correction while geopolitical tension remains on high alert. The tension in the Middle East and Asia is not enough to demand a bigger risk premium in Oil.

Moving onwards to Gold, the price is on the trajectory to reclaim the weekly high as all bets are on the Fed rate cuts deepening. After last week’s PPI report, the fears of US inflation have started fading. Concerning the above-mentioned Middle East tension, the appeal for safe haven assets have improved.

We’ll be back with more info soon!!

Until then, Happy Trading!!

Commodity Samachar
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