Forex News Letter: Is Silver Ready to Steal Gold’s Spotlight?

The forex news is in and with a mild market scenario today, can we expect more movement?

With news concerning silver and currency pairs like USDINR, let’s dive in and understand what’s in store for traders.

Dollar index     

Sell Below   102.43

Downside Targets Looks 102.300 – 102.250

Stop loss below 102.630


   ( Yesterday We Recommended to Sell !!Below  $2171 )
(Both Target Hit  $2168–$2161)   

            Buy Above    $2166

 Upside Targets Looks  $2172 – $2178.
        Stop-loss $2157


   ( Yesterday We Recommended to Sell !!Below $24.32 )
(Both Target Hit  $24.20–24.10)   

            Buy Above   $24.35

         Upside Targets Looks  $24.50–$24.60  

Stop-loss $24.22


Buy Above    $4

  Upside Targets Look $4.0230- $4.0250

  Stop Loss $3.97.

        CRUDE OIL (WTI)

       Crude Oil is Trading Around $78.71.

               Above  $78.81… Buy it!!

       Upside Target $79.25 -$79.50

         Stop Loss $78.37.


   Sell Below    18429  Levels Only…!!
      Downside  Target Looks 18375–18340.

      Stop-loss 18530.

   S&P 500 E-Mini 

Sell Below    5230

Stoploss   5250.

   Downside Target Looks 5220-5210.


  Buy Above  1.77834  Stop-loss 1.77587 Target 1.78085.

Forex News: Will Silver Cross the Threshold?

With silver going on a straight line, analysts have been racking their brains around this phenomenon. Several bullish fundamental are suggesting more upside movements for Silver, however the charts are not opening a way out.

USD/INR has attempted a breakout but the upward momentum receded after reaching 83.47 in Novemeber.

Happy Trading!!

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