Forex News Letter: How Far Will Gold go for ‘The Gold’?

Forex News Letter: How Far Will Gold go for 'The Gold'?

The forex news is in and it’s like Gold is at an unstoppable pace. Where’s it headed and what you should be prepared for moving forward?

Let’s dive in and analyse everything right now!!

Dollar Index

Sell around   103.95

Downside Targets Looks 103.60 – 103.20

 Stop loss Above 104.35


Yesterday We Recommended to Sell below $2330

( target hit –$2320)

Buy around $2338

Upside Target Looks  $2352– $2365
    Stop-loss Below $2326


Yesterday We Recommended to Sell below  $27.70

( First target hit –$27.31)

Buy around  $27.70

       Upside Target Looks $28.00 –$28.40
         Stop-loss Below $27.30


Yesterday We Recommended to Buy Around $4.2450

( Both target hits –$4.2550-$4.2750)

Buy Around $4.2615

Upside Targets Look $4.2900-$4.3100

  Stop Loss Below $4.2470


Crude Oil is Trading Around $86.28

Buy Around $85.40          

     Upside Target $86.40-$87.40

Stop-loss below 84.40


Buy Around 18300
Upside Target Looks 18350–18400.

      Stop-loss above 18250

S&P 500 E-Mini 

Buy Above 5260

Stoploss Below 5245

Upside Target Looks 5270-5300


Buy Around 1.0832 Stop-loss Below 1.0800 Target 1.0860

Forex News: How far will gold go for the gold?

The gold prices are moving higher and higher due to the fresh news coming in about the Israel-Hamas tensions. The strong demand for safe-haven assets amid geopolitical tensions has offset the Fed’s expectation for a rate cut.

The US Dollar is still staying afloat and still on a sideways trend after the Monday trading session.

That’s all for today folks. We’ll be back soon with more news.

Until then, Happy Trading!!

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