Forex News Letter: Fed Speech and Gold’s Move. What’s in the Analysis?

The forex news for the day is in and this day promises to be ‘volatility’ filled.

With unemployment claims, Fed Chair speech and so much more incoming, the market is set for a whirlwind session.

So let’s dive into the forex analysis.

( Yesterday We Recommended to Sell!! Below  103.322

      (Both  Target Hit  103.170-103.130)   

      Dollar index     

 Sell Below 102.670

   Downside Targets Looks 102.520 – 102.500

 Stop loss below 102.980


        Buy Above   $2166

 Upside Targets Looks  $2175 – $2180.
        Stop-loss $2146


     Buy Above  $24.36

         Upside Targets Looks  $24.60–$24.63

Stop-loss $24


( Yesterday We Recommended to Buy!! Above  $3.87

      (Both Target Hit  $3.88–3.89)   

     Buy Above   $3.94

  Upside Targets Look $3.98- $4.

  Stop Loss $3.88.

        CRUDE OIL (WTI)

( Yesterday We Recommended to Buy !! Above  $79.10

      (Both Target Hit  $79.60–80.10)   

       Crude Oil is Trading Around $78.58

               Below  $78.40… Sell it!!

       Downside Target $78 -$77.90. 

         Stop Loss $79.40. 


        Buy Above   18142  Levels Only…!!
      Upside  Target Looks 18250–18300.

      Stop-loss 17950.

   S&P 500 E-Mini 

Buy Above   5128

Stoploss   5090.

    Upside Target Looks 5150-5170.

            TOP PICK– EURCAD

                     Sell Below  1.47030  Stop-loss 1.47278 Target 1.46815.

Forex news – Will Fed Speech propel The Commodities market?

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell presented the monetary policy report and responded to questions before the House Financial Services Committee. On this day, he will be appearing before the Senate Banking Committee on the second day of his semi-annual testimony on Thursday.

Gold and the Fed speech has an untold connection. Gold has risen to a new record as US Fed rate cut bets are helping to drive the prices up.

That’s all for today folks!!

Happy Trading!!

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