Are Silver and NASDAQ About to Make History Again? Find Out in Our Forex News Letter! 

Dollar index

Dollar index is trading around 103.660.

Support at 103.550 and resistance is 103.920

Above 103.950 Buy it…!!

Upside Targets looks 104.021—104.050


       Support $1982- and Resistance $2000

               Sell Below $1989 levels Only
            Downside Targets Looks  $1982—1970.


(Friday We Recommended Sell Around 23.700)

(Targets hit 23.400-23.200…)

XAGUSD is Trading Around 22.930
Below 22.800 Levels Only  Again Sell it…!!
Downside Targets Looks 22.700—22.400


                          Copper is Trading Near Resistance  3.7940…!!
                         Sell Around 3.7900

                             Downside Targets Looks 3.7500—3.7310


Crude Oil is Trading Near Support 70.85

Sell Below 70.50
Downside Targets Looks 69.70—68.90


(Friday We Told You To Buy Above 16250 )
(1st Target Hit 16325 )

NASDAQ Support 16200 & Resistance 16330
Below  16200 Levels Only Sell it…!!
Downside Target 16080-16020.
(Buy Above 16350…!!)

S&P 500

Friday We Told Buy!!! Above 4650
(Target Hittttt 4670)

              S&P 500 Support 4620 & Resistance  4667
        Buy Above 4670…!!

            WE May Expect Targets 4720


Buy Around  1.2565  Stop-loss 1.2530 Target 1.260

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