The US Sending depleted uranium munition to Ukraine. Is the Russia-Ukraine war scenario evolving?

The US Sending depleted uranium munition to Ukraine. Is the Russia-Ukraine war scenario evolving?

The Russia vs Ukraine war has become a significant accelerant in dividing continents and nations and creating new alliances. 

Ever since the Russia vs Ukraine war began, the Biden administration and the US Congress have directed more than $75 billion in assistance to Ukraine, which includes humanities, financial and military support by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, a German research institution that reports several International news. 

However, the next piece of International news to arrive is the “icing on the cake’ on the whole situation.

What’s the full story?

As per the Russia-Ukraine latest news live today and international news, The Biden administration for the first time is sending controversial armour-piercing munition that contains depleted uranium to Ukraine according to Reuters and has also been confirmed by 2 U.S. officials. 

These rounds could potentially help destroy Russian tanks and are part of a new military aid package curated for Ukraine. This is set to be unveiled in the upcoming week. 

The munitions could be fired from the U.S. Abrams tank and are to be delivered to Ukraine in a couple of weeks as per the latest international news. 

In a surprising announcement, the officials said that the aid package will be worth between a whopping $240 million to $375 million depending on what is included. 

In the previous year, Britain had sent depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine earlier this year, but the US shipment of the ammunition will likely stir up controversy as per international news sources. 

Depleted uranium – Why is its use so controversial?

For several years the use of depleted uranium munitions has been fiercely debated, with several opponents of the International Coalition to Ban Uranium weapons stating the fact that they pose a dangerous health risk from ingesting or inhaling depleted uranium dust. The ramifications of inhaling or ingesting these include cancers or birth defects. 

Even though the depleted uranium is radioactive, it is considered less than naturally occurring uranium. Although the particles exist for a considerable time, it is deadly in the long run. 

United States’s history with depleted uranium munitions:

The United Nations has a history of using this component in massive quantities mainly in the 1990s and 2003 Gulf Wars and the NATO bombing of former Yugoslavia in 1999. 

According to studies conducted in former Yugoslavia, Kuwait, Iraq, and Lebanon, the presence of depleted uranium leftovers disseminated in the environment does not present a radioactive hazard to the inhabitants of the affected territories, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN nuclear agency.

A note from Commodity Samachar

The radioactive material could add to Ukraine’s massive post-war clean-up challenges and part of the country is still rallying to come out of the cluster of bombs, other munitions and thousands of anti-personnel mines. 

Commodity Samachar’s Head of Research, Mr. Ankit Kapoor had this to say about the developments in the Russia vs Ukraine war situation. “Even though these munitions are being sent to the Ukraine by the US, the United States of America does not want to start a war. The only reason the munitions are being sent to Ukraine is to maintain safety and avoid more escalations in the russia-ukraine war scenario. 

The US aims to restore its crude oil inventory and hence, the aid is being sent to Ukraine. If the Russia v Ukraine war erupts the price of crude oil will rise significantly and will lead to detrimental impacts on the economy. Gold will also be affected by the event of war. 

We do not expect circumstances leading to war in the second half of 2023 and Gold is poised to trade in range during this period.”

The Wall Street Journal reported in mid-June that the US is considering sending depleted uranium rounds to Ukraine. The recent aid packages for Ukraine include artillery, air defence missiles and ground vehicles as Ukraine’s counteroffensive pushes through. 

Will these events have ramifications for the future of the US and the global economy?

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