Forex Newsletter : Dollar Index, XAUUSD, Copper, Crude Oil

The Forex newsletter for the day is here. Dollar Index, XAUUSD, XAGUSD, Copper, Crude Oil, NASDAQ, S&P 500 E-Mini, USDJPY

Dollar Index

Buy around 105.000
Upside Targets Looks 105.300—105.500
Stop loss below 104.700


( yesterday given buy above 2327, hope you have made a good profit)

Buy above $2350
Downside Target Looks $2360–$2370
Stop-loss below $2340


Buy around $30.20
Upside Target Looks $30.40—$30.60
Stop-loss below $30.00


Buy around 4.4900
Upside Target Look 4.5300–4.5600
Stop Loss below 4.4500


Buy on dip around $82.50
upside Target $83.00—$84.00
Stop-loss below $82.00


Buy around 20250
Upside Target Looks 20400—20500
Stop-loss below – 20100

S&P 500 E-Mini

Buy around 5560
Stop loss below 5540
Upside Target Looks 5580—5600

TOP PICK- (USDJPY- yesterday given Buy around $161.650, target done. Hope you have made a good profit)


Buy around $161.900
Stop loss below $161.600
Upside Target Looks $162.200—162.500

Happy Trading!

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