Forex News Letter: Gold and Crude Oil Stealing the Spotlight?

It’s Tuesday and the forex news is beaming with energy even though integral data sets aren’t present.

With gold, USD and euro in focus, what’s in store for the forex market?

Without further adieu, let’s dive in and find out!!

Dollar index

       Dollar index is trading around 104.15.

   Above 104.27… Buy it.

    Upside Targets Looks 105.0 — 105.20

 Stop loss below 103.89.


                   Sell Below $2020…
               Downside Targets Looks  $2015–$2010.
            Stop-loss $2025.


       Sell Below   $22.19…
          Downside Targets Looks  $22. – $21.70.

       Stop Loss $22.41.


  ( Friday We Recommended to Sell!! Below $3.79) 

       ( 1st Target Hit $377)   

Sell Below $3.76

  Downside  Targets Look $3.74– $3.72.

  Stop Loss $3.79.


Crude Oil is Trading Around $72.92.

      Below  $72.36… Sell it!!

   Downside Target $71.50–$70.60. 

           Stop Loss $73.40.       


            Buy Above   17790  Levels Only…!

              Upside Target Looks 17830-17850.

      Stop-loss 17680.

   S&P 500 E-Mini 

              S&P 500 Resistance 4980.
              Sell Below    4950…!!

                   Downside Target Looks 4925-4900.

                 TOP PICK- EURUSD

Sell BELOW 1.07225  Stop-loss 1.07346 Target  1.06990

Forex News – All Eyes on EUR/ USD and Gold!!

The EUR/USD pair had attracted a bunch of sellers following an intraday upward trajectory, however, it had dropped back closer to a 2-month low during the European session. Expectations that the ECB might start cutting rates in April continue to undermine the Euro.

Gold prices have been moving in a sideways direction as investors seek fresh guidance from the Fed on interest rates. A strong outlook for the US manufacturing and service sectors has set a positive undertone for 2024.

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